Welcome to Food Chain. We’re a production company with some damn good storytellers. To get through, you need to be able to tell a good story, and that is what we do best.


Food Chain is an integrated production company. We create moving content for modern media channels and have a full suite of development capabilities to create and build digital applications for all devices and platforms.


Food Chain has an extensive background in commercial and film production but we’ve kept up with technological advancements and channel evolution. We film moving content for all screens: broadcast commercials, branded web films, sharable content, and short documentaries.


Food Chain has full technological capabilities to create rich applications and develop for the web, mobile devices and on any platform. We are proficient in: website development, e-commerce creation and management, mobile application development and environmental technology for physical spaces.

We are code and platform agnostic, selecting the right stack for the job depending on the project. We are current in most modern development philosophies and frameworks. A few of our favorite tools and some that we even used on this site are:

Sometimes all that's really needed is a more traditional PHP project, and thats no problem. Our goal is to produce immersive and effective experiences and build it right.